A simple app for finding other gamers to enjoy the video game Destiny.

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  • Ready to go!

    No need to create an account. Just tap the app and you're ready to go. In the future, we'll give gamers an option to create an account to take advantage of upcoming features.

  • Built in News

    While you're looking for games, you can also check out some of the latest news on Desinty!

  • Invite Notifications

    No need to keep the app open, or monitor a website. When you receive an invite request, you'll receive a notification.

  • Built in Xur

    Once Friday hits, check out the Where's Xur? section to see what items you can buy in-game.

  • Invite Tab

    All your invites requests for your current active game will be stored in a tab, stopping you from having to scroll and remember who you wanted to play with.

  • More to Come

    We'll be creating apps for more games over the next few weeks. Have a game you want to see here, then send us a message.



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Get it onGoogle play